Saturday, March 10, 2007

Teen Rifle Club Looks For New Members

Unidentified Children: One holding an AR-15 or M-16 (Google Images)

Connecticut has just opened a new Teen Rifle Club. It is looking for new members. The club will offer marksmanship lessons, ammunition loading, and videography lessons. No previous experience or safety lessons are required.

Pipe bomb making is an additional class for those that excel in the marksmanship course.

Teens are encouraged to join. They can bring their father or mother with them and as many rifles as they want from the closets in their bedrooms.

Hartford Courant Reporter Vanessa De La Torre, who covered the recent near "Columbine" of Newington High School has been asked to investigate potential members.

Her knowledge of historic "father-son" range shooting is spelled out in her note to us. The Courant response to the post about the Mosin-Nagant Rifle and teenage possession of rifles symbolizes the ignorance of our culture of violence. The Soviet type Mosin-Nagant combat rifle used by a 16 year old "student" who was videotaped firing at an undisclosed range is still in use by insurgents fighting American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the Courant reporter, father-son rifle shooting is a common practice in Connecticut. Not so sure about that. The problem is not what happens at the range but what happens later on. For instance, the Newington teenager, according to the Courant, "legally" shot the rifle at the range with his father. What is lost is that dads need to take the rifles away from the teenagers after a visit to the range.

Letting "Junior" keep the rifles and ammunition in his bedroom is not only stupid, but ILLEGAL (Risk of Injury to a Minor). Rifles kill just as good as a pistol. And "registered" or not, they should be controlled by ADULTS, not teenagers.

De La Torre was kind enough to write Antisthenes Now defending her article's failure to report all the facts. Her attitude is more frightening than then her writing:

As for the two videos that show the teens setting off the homemade bombs in the woods, it was Frank Fechteler who took those videos. As for the three others taken at the shooting range, simply shooting video of that is not illegal, since it wasn't illegal for Fechteler to shoot registered weapons at a public range,even though he is 16 years old. I think there are quite a few teens in Connecticut who know how to shoot rifles and do so regularly with their parents or other adults (Fechteler told police he'd go shooting with his father,according to the arrest affidavit), though as you might add, not everyone is accused by police of devising a violence plot.

Whether a parent suspects his child is involved in a "violence plot" or not, combat weapons need to be secured at all times from teenagers. The fact that two, or more other instances of a "violence plot" have occurred at the same school demonstrates that parental control is necessary.

Just look at the photo above. Is the kid on the left, holding an AR-15, posing for a holiday card? How many parents would pose their children like this?

Even the media seems lulled into a sense of denial.


Rich said...

When I was 17 my Uncle Sam made me sleep with my assault rifle.
Let me shoot machine guns,mortars,and blow up things too.
Come ro rhink of it he let my father and son do the same thing at 17.

The Stark Raving Viking said...

The same politicians that want to eliminate Free Speech also want to take everyone else's guns that are not White and from the Elitist crowd.

These politicians barbecue anyone that gets in their way or blows the whistle on their profiteering and corruption.

It is hard to also supports someone's First Amendment Rights when they won't support your 2nd Amendment Rights.

If you got enough women together, you could ban golf for married men on weekends. That doesn't make it right.

A drug dealer in Stafford Springs Connecticut, a 19 year old, pulled his snub nose revolver on me because I would let him drink beer with his friends and sell crack cocaine and heroin off my front yard. He chase me into my house where I pulled out mine. Mine was bigger and he ran off my property.

Cops in Connecticut do little other than try to get dates, follow those on their "Enemies List" and collect undeclared taxes. Enfield Cops were even sent out to collect overdue library fines.

The same cops that are out raping women without fear of arrest, that beat honest citizens, that perjure themselves, that manufacture and suppress evidence, that retaliate against "mouthy" citizens are the ones that go through someone's records to deny them guns.

The ones that are denied are usually not white and/or not rich.

Do you think bleephole cops should rummage through your high school and medical records when they are more out to bang your wife or daughter than anything to do with law enforcement?
-Steven G. Erickson

The Stark Raving Viking said...

P.S. There are good cops and lawyers in Connecticut, but when they speak out for the public good, they are arrested and face prison.

Officials that act in the public's best interest lose their jobs, face arrests, and the loss of everything.

Official Connecticut wants your guns, your money, your home, and your freedom.

Vote no on Connecticut, move.