Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Scooter" Libby Hit on Valerie Plame: Husband "Doesn't Care"

I.Lewis "Scooter" Libby
Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson

In his first press release since the Libby conviction Ambassador Joseph Wilson has come forward with startling new charges against the Vice-President's former Chief of Staff. Wilson now claims, "the whole thing was about a love triangle, and I don't care."

During the hastily called press conference, Wilson revealed Libby and his wife, CIA clerk, Valerie Plame had a fling. Wilson said, "I never really understood why a cool guy like Scooter would 'out' my wife, until she told me that Scooter constantly hit on her at Beltway parties for years." Libby was continually rebuffed by the flirtatious Plame, but was reported to have "made time" with her at a Ugandan Embassy party weeks before the leaks to the media that she was a CIA agent. Sources close to the case, but unwilling to give their names because of the sensitive nature of the events, disclosed that Plame laughed at Libby after he "failed to launch." Plame apparently gossiped about Libby at other parties and in phone calls intercepted by the NSA. An infuriated Libby vowed to get even with Plame and her globe-trotting husband.

For years rumors persisted about a Libby-Plame-Wilson love triangle; but Plame consistently denied the advances to her husband and instead blamed the disclosure on "politics." Plame tried to convince the world that Vice-President Dick Cheney, White House staffer Karl Rove, and even the President wanted to retaliate against her husband for talking about "yellow cake."

"I have spent years blasting the administration for retaliating against me by going after my wife. I had no idea that they were really, 'going after' Val," Wilson said.

Wilson has since left his wife and has joined a chorus of politicians, even some of Scooter's jurors, calling for the President to Pardon Libby. "I look at it this way, in the nitty gritty world of international politics, many ambassadors would boast about having their wife hit up on. What Scooter did should not be a crime."

Valerie Plame was unavailable for comment, but is reportedly suffering from exhaustion after a lengthy book tour.

As for Joe Wilson and Scooter Libby, they were seen at a trendy D.C. nightspot "dirty dancing"with some babes.

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