Monday, March 12, 2007

Huge Victory For First Amendment: CT Court Unseals "Doe" Cases.

Late last week a Connecticut Superior Court Judge ordered the Connecticut Judicial Department and the Executive Officer of the branch, the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, to unseal all "Level 1" sealed cases. Acting Chief Justice Borden stated he will appeal the trial judge's ruling "all the way up to the Connecticut Supreme Court if I have to!"

"Level 1" cases did not exist until this order. Now that "Level 1' cases are unsealed we all get to know the names of the parties to each case.

In one of the more shocking revelations, numerous cases brought by the "Doe" family, usually John or Jane are now public. For instance, what was referred to in the court battle as "RN 101" and now known as "MMX FA 00 0723788" is no longer a secret. That case was really "In re John A. Doe v. No Defendant." Similarly, Case "102", was brought by "John B. Doe v. Jane B. Doe," possibly a relative of "John A. Doe." Then there is Case "105" which was brought by yet another of the litigious Doe's, this time "John C. Doe v. Jane C. Doe." There are too many Doe cases to list here, but all were finally disclosed.

Plaintiffs' attorneys were surprised by the coincidence of so many people with the same last name showing up on the "Super-Sealed" list. David Goliath of the prestigious firm of Crane, Poole and Bath stated, "I just can't get over it, we busted our chops for almost seven years for this?" A distraught Goliath stated that he would have recused himself had he known how many Doe's where involved. Crane, Poole's named partner Denny Crane would only respond: "Denny Crane!"

Numerous attempts to reach any Doe were unsuccessful.

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Rich Doe said...

You missed the Juan and Juana Doez.

Just kidding they would not have enough dough to become a Doe.