Monday, March 5, 2007

Another Retaliatory Prosecution: This Time it's Attorney Phillip Russell

What do these three elected officials have to do with the unseemly indictment of Phillip Russell by the United States Government for Obstruction of Justice?

Why they are "law makers" of course. The Three Amigos: Lieberman, Larson and Dodd.

Lest we forget, before every criminal trial the judge is supposed to explain to the jury that an indictment is merely a piece of paper; that is should have no influence on the jury's view of the case. In other words, a wiley prosecutor can bring charges through an indictment about as easily as ordering a Big Mac at McDonald's. And often what looked good when you ordered, gives you indigestion later on. So too with the career crushing attempt by Federal Prosecutors to bag yet another criminal defense attorney.

The United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, Kevin O'Connor, whose office never comments on an open case, broke his own rule by stating in the Greenwich Time:

"The exploitation of children is a serious offense that this office will fully prosecute...Those who possess child pornography or hinder the prosecution of those who do by destroying evidence and impeding investigations will be prosecuted, particularly when the obstructionists are attorneys and officers of the court."

Aside from the FACT that prosecutors in Connecticut and just about every other state are prohibited by the Rules of Ethics from commenting on pending cases, to imply that Attorney Russell in any way was involved in the "exploitation of children" is libelous and malicious. O'Connor and his minions know this, but character assasination is in full swing and no matter how this case turns out, that "child exploiter" moniker will be branded on Russell for life. That stinks.

That a federal prosecutor would make such a remark with the slimist of a nexus to the charges brought against Attorney Russell is dispicable. Who can stop the political assasination of top notch defense attorneys by brain dead ex rugby playing cowboy prosecutors? Well, the "Three Amigos" pictured above of course.

Lieberman, Larson and Dodd are all responsible for the federal law, aka Sarbanes, that gave thuggish federal prosecutors the ability to take out anyone, including "officers of the court" from destroying evidence EVEN IF NO CASE IS PENDING! So if you throw away monopoly money that falls out of the sack that some nitwit uses to stuff a bank deposit with and she gets busted for bank fraud, YOU DESTROYED EVIDENCE and could be prosecuted, and worse, portrayed as a con artist, a thief, a rouge!!

So lawmakers, it is is time to right this wrong. Tighten up a law abused, as usual, by prosecutors and stop the insanity.

Antisthenes has spoken.


Socrates said...

When will they learn.

Anonymous said...

Oh, if only the public knew just how the federal prosecutors were or acted. They have to power of "DISCRETION". Which simply means they can pick and choose what types of cases to prosecute, more especially, "WHO" to prosecute. Let me assure from first hand experience a union official who works for the Fed. Gov't will be charged and prosecution attempted or settlement agreements reached out of fear, where as a managment official, say from the Dept. Vet. Affairs will not be touched, even for the same alleged crimes; even when hard proof is shown against the Manangement official but not against the union official.