Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today is the first day of this blog. If not now, when? So let's get going.
As you may have noticed from the title and description, this blog intends to enlighten, ridicule and make you laugh. None of this can happen without your input. When you see something wrong point it out, Antisthenes would. Not only that, he would make sure he followed the tenents of ethical intellectualism. Here is the short list:

1. Virtue can be taught.

2. Only the virtuous are noble.

3. Virtue is itself sufficient for happiness, since it requires "nothing else except the strength of a Socrates."

4. Virtue is tied to the deeds and actions, and does not require a great deal of words or learning.

5. The wise person is self-sufficient.

6. (My favorite) Having a poor reputation is something good, and is like physical hardship.

7. The law of virtue rather than the laws established by the polis will determine the public acts of one who is wise.

8. The wise person will marry in order to have children with the best women.

9. The wise person knows who are worthy of love, and so does not disdain to love.

From The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2/27/2007

Is this a wise man?
Don't recognize him? Would you like to meet him?

Maybe have a few drinks and talk about "Southy" with him. Maybe ask him if wants to talk to the FBI? Maybe ask him how many people he has murdered?
Still not sure who he is?

He was last seen leaving a movie theatre in San Diego, California after watching the Oscar Award winning movie, "The Departed."

He's Irish.

He's on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted List."

His brother is a politician.

Send in your answer. If you're correct you will win a free lifetime subscription to this blog!!


Anonymous said...

It is the actor Peter O'Toole.

Ron Samul said...

Is his suit a clue? W. Bulger